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Artikelnummer: E26592
Category: Alle Produkte, Lust, Sextoys
Tags: Butt Plug, ELECTRASTIM

The ElectraStim Rocker Butt Plugs are designed for hands-free play, with a unique anal-safe base featuring embedded 2mm inputs for truly hands free wear in any position.

The tapered shafts feature seamless bi polar conductive silicone contacts that activate when connected to any ElectraStim Stimulator. The deeply ridged texture of the shaft contributes to the intensified internal sensations that electro butt plugs are famous for, targeting the sensitive nerve endings near the skins surface for a multi-level erotic experience.

ElectraStim Rockers are best suited to intermediate to advanced anal players who prefer a softer, more flexible approach to anal electro-stimulation.

The ElectraStim Rocker Butt Plugs bridge a gap in the market for a stand out range of e-stim anal sex toys made from soft, flexible and body-safe silicone. They serve up a smoother, softer and more tactile anal sex toy experience, catering for those who want to try a fuller, thicker sense of penetration than our smaller metal and plastic anal toys provide. The Small, Medium and Large Rockers fit the classic archetype for a butt plug and have a clear path to progression during anal training.

The new method of embedding the 2mm pins in the base allows the wearer to truly sit on the plug, giving them the freedom to create their own hands-free movements to complement the throbbing and pulsating sensations that ElectraStim stimulators create.

Product Specifics
– Compatible with ElectraStim Stimulators
– 100% platinum-cured, medical-grade silicone
– Bi-polar electro-conductive contacts with embedded 2mm pin connection
– Suitable for those with intermediate to advanced experience with anal sex toys
– Deep, ridged texture for added sensation
– Tapered shape for easy insertion

Unique Selling Points
– Embedded contacts for truly hands-free play
– Flexible rocking base with stealth cable connection
– Anal safe – suitable for all genders
– Highly conductive with the soft, flexible feel of silicone sex toys
– Tapered neck promotes auto-thrusting motions when using a pulsing stimulation pattern

Size: 13 cm length 3,5 cm width

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